Where is my Package Delivery?

All over the United States, people are waiting for their packages and asking “where is my package delivery“. Packages from the Post Office, packages from FedEx, packages from UPS. Shoot…people are even waiting for the pizza delivery guy too.

The Supply Chain, Explained

Casual chit-chat at the barber shop or deli tells us that something has happened to the ‘supply chain’ during COVID. Well, that’s true, but what does it mean?

Everything you purchase – at the grocery store, the shopping mall, or an internet vendor – comes from somewhere. It is often manufactured overseas, then shipped to a warehouse and ultimately, to you. And all those people involved in the manufacturing, sorting, packing, shipping, flying, driving, and delivering goods are regular people just like us.

Package Delivery | Ship Early | Postal Connections Near Me

Regular people all over the world have been clobbered by the pandemic. There are fewer workers now. Some companies have had to quarantine workers. Other employees have quit because of health issues. So there are not nearly as many people involved in all the aspects of producing and shipping as there were prior to COVID.

Because of the shortage of workers, ships are delayed. There are not enough people to load and unload the vessels. Scarcity of shipping availability drives prices up. A container of merchandise from China that formerly cost $2000 – $5000 to ship, now is priced at $30,000 to have package delivery on a predictable schedule. All of the other goods simply languish in port.

Up, Up, UP!

Goods that do get through are now more costly than before because of the added shipping costs. As of July, consumer prices had grown almost 5 percent since before the pandemic, with some types of goods showing much larger increases. The United States Post Office has requested a temporary price increase on a variety of mail services for the peak holiday season to offset rising package delivery costs. The price increases, which range from 25 cents to $5 per package, would go into effect on October 3, 2021, and last through December 26, 2021.

Help Us to Help You – Ship Early

For years, we have been reminding folks to ship early. This year we REALLY mean it. At Postal Connections we offer the convenience of having many package delivery options available to every customer. We do our part to pack your goods safely and securely so they won’t break during shipment.

Although we cannot do anything about price increases and shipping delays from the major carriers, we strive to find the best value and fastest service possible.

So shop locally at small, local merchants and purchase goods that are already on the shelves. Then bring those Holiday Gifts to your nearest Postal Connections Service Center as soon as possible so we can do everything possible to insure that your carefully selected packages will get to the recipients on time. Thanks for your continued support – we think of you as family.

Everyone Will Have a Happy Holiday When You Ship Early with Postal Connections!