But Wait, Can I Ship This?

Before you buy the gift, be sure you can ship it. While some differences exist, in what cannot be shipped from one carrier to another, here are the most commonly prohibited items.

USPS Prohibited Items:

  • air bags
  • fire arms & ammunition
  • explosives
  • gasoline
  • marijuana (medical or otherwise)
  • aerosols
  • alcoholic beverages
  • tobacco products
  • cremated remains

  • dry ice
  • glues
  • lithium batteries
  • perfumes (may be shipped in US via ground transportation if it contains alcohol)
  • perishable items (live animals, food, and plants)
  • medicines and prescription drugs

Can I Ship This? | Postal Connections Lancaster, PA

– See here for guidelines on how to ship controlled substances).
– See here for toxic substances.

UPS Prohibited Items:

  • aerosol
  • aftershaves
  • air bag
  • alcoholic beverages
  • ammunition
  • animals of any form (alive or dead)
  • gas/fumes/liquid containing petroleum
  • batteries
  • biological samples
  • car doors/bonnets/bumpers

  • cash/credit/debit cards
  • chainsaw
  • checks
  • dangerous goods
  • driving license
  • drugs (including prescription)
  • engines
  • fire extinguisher
  • fish (dead or alive)

  • knives
  • oil
  • paint
  • passport
  • nail varnish
  • plants
  • tobacco/tobacco products
  • weapons
  • and more.

FedEx Prohibited Items:

  • alcohol beverages
  • animals (dead or alive)
  • articles of unusual value such as priceless art, jewelry, collectibles and antiques
  • cash
  • coins
  • currency

  • stamps
  • negotiable stocks
  • bonds
  • bank drafts
  • cash letters
  • and other negotiable instruments equivalent to cash

  • common fireworks
  • cut flowers
  • dangerous goods such as: explosives, corrosives, flares, matches, flammable goods, furs
  • hazardous materials such as: hypodermic needles, syringes, or other medical wastes.

– Here’s the complete list of prohibited items.

In short, before you ask: “Can I ship this?” Do your due diligence first. You’ll save yourself time and maintain peace of mind during the hectic holiday shipping season.

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